We are starting with a monthly naturopathic patient group, an innovative and cost-effective way for people to be coached by a naturopathic doctor.   We will continue to offer tests such as hair analysis, Reams metabolic test, blood tests, stool tests, urine tests and food sensitivity testing.  Our regutherm machine is not well right now—we’ll let you know if/when it’s available. At the centre and are looking for like-minded practitioners to create a truly holistic team.


Monthly ND Group (Naturopathic Patient Group)

One morning a month from 10-11:30am

Health Tips, Question & Answers; $20 RSVP.

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Facilitator: Katherine Willow N.D., fourth generation naturopathic doctor with over 30 years of experience and special interest in the role of emotions in disease and healing.

Cost: $20 per session

Our schedule will look somewhat like this:

Feb. 21st 2017– 10-11:30am

Mar. 21st 2017 – 10-11:30am

Apr. 25th 2017 – 10-11:30am

May 23rd 2017- 10-11:30am

June 20th 2017 – 10-11:30am

for more information and to register please call Ellie at 613-839-1198


Electrodermal Food Sensitivity Testing (Biotron)

Sensitivity testing for 84 different food and environmental substances that may cause intolerance or irritation is done on site at our clinic and the results are based on energetic properties and how your body responds to specific substances. The test is done on an electro-dermal device that works on traditional Chinese acupuncture points for sensitivity, but uses a low level of electricity instead of needles. This simple electric resistance measurement can help us to determine intolerance’s that you may have to specific items and also determine which foods and substances are beneficial for your body. The test is painless and can even be done on children.

An intolerance is an adverse or abnormal reaction to a substance that does not involve the immune system in the same way that an anaphylactic reaction does. It is not the same as when a child has a severe reaction to peanuts for example. Intolerance’s can lead to immediate symptoms, or you can be symptom free for several days before the offending substance causes a reaction. Whether a person reacts to the foods in question can depend upon several things, for instance the amount eaten or the way the food is processed. Food eaten regularly must be tested because it may be a potential intolerance, especially if it is a craved food.

Appointments available on Monday (10 am-4 pm), Tuesday (2-4 pm) and Wednesday (9 am -4 pm)

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Naturopathic Services

A Deeper Level of Health & Healing. At Carp Ridge, we guide and support you on your path to optimal health.

We work with our clients to get to the root causes of illness — our practitioners treat a variety of chronic & serious health conditions.

We also provide counseling & advice in areas such as healthy living, weight management, stress reduction, nutrition & diet and preventative medicine.

Our goal is to aid & cooperate with the healing powers of your own body by treating the whole person: mind, body & spirit.

For an appointment contact:

Marcin (march-in) Padlewski,



Office tel: (613) 256 5786


Hair Analysis: (Mineral)

Screens for heavy metals and mineral levels in hair.   $90

Call the clinic to book @ 613-839-1198


Mobile Breast Thermography Clinic


Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre is hosting a mobile Thermography Clinic on Thursday April 27th 2017. For more information or to book and appointment, please contact: 905-714-1221 or or