Public Opening – Friday June 16th 2017

Our New Forest Retreat Bed and Breakfast 

It’s almost as if nature herself expanded into a nurturing indoor space with earthy colours, organic beds, large windows that overlook the Carp Ridge and delicious vegetarian meals using ingredients from the surrounding farms, meadows and forests.

At night you can hear the local coyotes howl, in the morning you awaken to birds singing in the surrounding trees.  Trails for walking and cross-country skiing invite you into Canadian shield wilderness where you might see squirrels, beaver and deer, hear hawks and the occasional bald eagle, and experience the blessed energy of the forest.

There is a yurt which can be booked for private meditation or, if it’s not occupied, guests are welcome to experience this magical space.  A meditation pillow sits beside each bed, with CD’s and players if you choose to explore a guided journey.

This is a place to relax, rejuvenate and restore oneself.  It’s also a place where you can learn about healthy food that is delicious and green lifestyle tricks that are simple and affordable.  Children and gentle pets are welcome—we have games and forest activities designed to delight and teach.

The Forest Retreat Bed and Breakfast is fully accessible with a newly renovated shower that can be used in a wheelchair.  The driveways on the property are easy to navigate (except for a few wet weeks in the spring) and we are working to create trails that are wheelchair friendly.

Wifi is restricted to a few hours a day but there is a business nook with a lovely view that has internet cables for your laptop as well as a printer if you should need them during your stay.

Guests may visit for many purposes: personal time out; exploring the gorgeous nature on the ridge; bringing family for a different kind of holiday; being part of a retreat program; obtaining tests and/or treatments at the clinic; or coming with your colleagues for a business retreat.

We will be open for guests in May and will send an update with booking information and prices in the upcoming weeks.

Looking forward to nurturing you in this wonderful healing place!