Personal Blog: Spring Growth in All Directions!

My view from the back of the new clinic is brown and grey now that the snow has melted.  Green shoots are poking their way up through a blanket of old leaves.  The spring sun seems brilliant after the diminished light of winter.  Nature is on the verge of bursting into growth.

That’s exactly how I […]

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Positive Turbulence!

The clinic basement is my new writing spot, with greying skies full of freezing rain and treetops visible through the high windows.  A woodstove warms the damp, chilly air.

This is where I live with 8 year old grandson Felix.  It’s a pleasant space and I’m feeling at home for the first time in a long […]

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Christmas Season Healing

It’s a quiet sunny afternoon and I’m at my usual writing place in the clinic kitchen, overlooking the front entrance where Stephen’s colourful glass art pokes out of the snowy garden.

 I’m sleepy and would like nothing better than to crawl into bed.  It’s been five days of late nights trying to decide how to move […]

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Autumn Anxiety and Bliss…

As I gaze out the window from my kitchen writing spot I think this is the most beautiful fall I can remember.

Felix and I spent two nights in the yurt over Thanksgiving weekend, hearing crickets, coyotes and owls.  In the morning, seeing it had frosted, we harvested more of the garden: huge potatoes, sweet […]

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Ask a Naturopathic Doctor…

Why Meditate?

When my spiritual teacher Baba Hari Dass heard us complain that we were too busy to meditate, he would be firm in telling us that this was absolutely the most important time to do so.  When able to follow this advice, I find that meditation slows down time, allows clearer thinking and gives me […]

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Getting Down to It

It’s lunch time and my mouth is full of buckwheat toast with peanut butter and honey.  Ellie has given me a deadline so I need to use every minute

The morning has been peaceful, listening to a German New Medicine webinar while making ketchup from our huge harvest of tomatoes from the garden.  It’s delicious, so […]

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Ask a Naturopathic Doctor

Clearing Karma…

Last week I had to smile after reading “Karma is Real” on a T-shirt.  Eastern philosophy explains karma as consequences of good and bad deeds which attach us to the earth plane.  These energetic “imprints” of deeds performed out of ego follow us through lifetimes and generations, inclining us to more of the same.  […]

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Summer of Unshed Tears…

It’s early, Felix still asleep on this hazy summer morning, cicadas humming after their mysterious emergence from seven years underground.   I feel  unusually resistant to writing, make a cup of tea, rouse Felix and send him off to wake up his aunt Adrian, who is visiting from Montreal to work in the garden.


From the outside, […]

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Upcoming Events……


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It’s finally a sunny and warm day…

It’s finally a sunny and warm day and I will get in a few minutes of writing before heading out to pick up grandson Felix from the bus stop.  It’s a ritual he no longer needs, being a big boy in grade two now, but both of us wouldn’t miss it.

Earlier today I went for […]

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