Ask a Naturopathic Doctor

Organic Bedding

Why would one want an organic mattress and sheets?

Besides preserving our soil and protecting farm workers and their communities from toxic chemicals, organic bedding has a lovely, clean energy that is delicious to sleep on and restorative to one’s health.

A few years ago I started having interrupted sleeps, finding myself up at all hours of the night and then chronically tired during the day.  I decided to look into an organic mattress after having many nourishing nights on one at my sister’s home.

At the Obasan store south off Merivale, I found myself lying on beds while talking about my sleeping style and learning about their products.  They are engineered in layers of organic cotton, wool and rubber to suit each individual and warrantied for 20 years.  One can see the neat and clean manufacturing process through windows at the back of the showroom, wonderful local jobs!

Several weeks after my mattress was delivered and installed, our manager Ellie asked how I liked my bed.  I realized that I had significantly fewer sleepless nights, about one a week instead of 3 or 4 and my energy was better.  Pleased with my investment, I can recommend it whole-heartedly.


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