Fine-tuning our Diets…

About 25 years ago, two Biotron machines were donated to our office.  We immediately began to experiment, testing for all manner of foods, supplements, chemicals and dander.   An M.D. who was working with us expressed doubt that an electronic device could identify sensitivities, so we asked him to try it.  To his (and our) surprise, the machine picked up every food to which he had reactions!


Biotron testing became a foundation of our clinic.  Patients used their results to see clear improvements in weight loss, joint pain, digestive complaints, allergies, headaches, hot flashes and more.  One case of endometriosis unexpectedly cleared after a month of avoiding aggravating substances!


Over the years, we noticed other benefits.  People who came for retesting had similar patterns, with numbers better or worse depending on their overall health.  If the numbers were generally high, it correlated with tissue irritation, hyperactivity and the need for cleansing.  If the numbers were low, it showed up tired organs and the need to rebuild rather than cleanse—or to cleanse very gently in order not to deplete the person.


All ages, including babies, and pets can be tested without painful needles.  Supplement programs can be checked before starting.   Dental materials can be tested before implementing.  You can get a Biotron test done every year or two to fine-tune diet to optimize energy, weight and sleep.


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Dr. Katherine Willow, N.D. is the director of Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre ½ hour northwest of Ottawa where we run a clinic and programs for all ages.  Stay updated by signing up for our monthly newsletter via our website: