Monthly ND Group

$20 + HST per session

Electrodermal Food Sensitivity Testing (Biotron)

$130 HST included- Adult
$120 HST included – Child


Hair Analysis (Mineral)

$90 + HST

Naturopathic Services

New rates for Naturopathic services!

* Starting September 2016, Dr. Padlewski will be offering equitable access to Naturopathic health care by striving to keep rates reasonable and leaving it up to you to decide what matches your current situation.

New Rates (Fall 2016) All 60 minute appointments include post visit research.

Suggested Rates:

• 60 minute Initial Appointment   $160

• 60 minute Follow-up Appointment   $120

• 15 minute Acute Appointment   $40 (per 15 minutes)

• 15 minute Meet & Greet  Complimentary    (in person, by phone or skype)

• or pay-what-you-can*

Accepted payment methods: Cash, Cheque, Visa or Debit